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Struggling to find any rhythm now in market

It’s hard to be in sync with the market all the time and I had a real good run for a couple of weeks but now I’m struggling to find any rhythm. I’m glad I’ve booked most of my profit and will now await the next flash of inspiration, presuming ones coming of course 🙂

EUR/CHF is still my favourite trade and if EUR/JPY keeps falling, then I may get to buy some close to my preferred level at 1.2270. If prices bounce off 1.2340 again then I may try buying there.

I’m sort of tempted to try buying cable but it’s probably too risky at the moment so I’ll hold off.

  1. Hi Sean, I’m anticipating an opportunity to sell Cable.on rallies. We’re now at 5875, let’s see how price action will develop further.

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