Simply too hot to trade in Sydney

We are officially having Sydney’s hottest ever day, with the mercury touching 46 degrees Celcius in the city. It’s way too hot to do anything, even with the help of hard working air conditioning.

FX market chugging along with EUR/CHF once again the stand-out mover, having touched 1.2565 a little earlier. This pair could go for another 10 big figures whilst all the stale ‘safe-haven’ positions are being unwound.

  1. Good evening Sean,

    You had a good week (EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP) moreover you have the sun, go to the beach. Your Irish blood would have prefered the Paris weather this morning (-5°C) ? 😉 From side, I put my target on EUR/USD at 1.3400 and I didn’t add yesterday.

  2. Understood Papillon, always nice to finish the week with a profit. I’ve had a really good week and have taken over 1/2 off the table now so much less stress. Time to enjoy the weekend I think. It really is ridiculously hot here at the moment, quite hard to believe that weather can get like this.

  3. Too hot Sean. Wollongong is not any cooler than Sydney today. I have book all profit of EUR/CHF yesterday but still benefit from this wild move as I will be able to close my losing USD/CHF positions at a tiny profit or breakeven 🙂

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