AUD,NZD/EUR/USD/GBP crosses/Trade Ideas

“Short the screen” to start the week

I sold AUD/USD, cable and EUR/USD on Friday and although I was a bit nervous over the weekend that we could see news out of Spain driving risk trades higher, this didn’t eventuate and I think these trades are looking promising.

I will be looking to build both the cable and AUD/USD short positions over the next few days but I’m less bearish on the EUR/USD and am only looking for a quick 100 pip profit there. If cable tops out near 1.6300 then we will see 1.58ish very quickly in my view. The AUD/USD wedge that I mentioned earlier also gives me quite a bit of confidence and I think we’ll see 1.0250 later this week with the RBA meeting looming into view.

  1. Sean, if your hypothesis on AUD/USD turns out to be correct, maybe selling NZD/USD would be just as profitable and the interest change is lower?

  2. Hey Sean, I’ve been trying to send you a few things recently and I am consistently getting a message back from gmail saying the the message has not been delivered and has ‘permanently failed’. Do you have a new email address?

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