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Short-term technicals updated

I’ve updated EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/JPY and EUR/CHF in the members section. You can also access them via Twitter (@Sean_lee_forex).

  • EUR/USD: In retracement mode but buying dips from 1.3350 through 1.3270 (previous resistance band) is definitely preferred.
  • EUR/JPY: Looks to be trying to form a rounding top formation.
  • USD/JPY: Obvious parameters at 93.10/94.10.
  • EUR/CHF: Important Fibo support at 1.2260 still holding.
  1. Morning Sean! EURCHF is pegged between 12270~12360 for the last few days. What do you think would be the catalyst for it to break out? USDCHF seems more like an inverse EURUSD play now.

  2. Hi Jasper, I’m still hopeful that USD/CHF takes off whilst EUR/USD plays rangebound around 135. Not exactly sure what potential catalyst might be but something to shake those safe-haven plays out of their comfort zone

  3. there were middle eastern accounts buying today newyork session eurusd, heard of any notable names on buy dip? from prime brokers maybe

  4. Hi Maji, I think EUR/GBP will see a deeper dip but I don’t quite know levels yet. Need to sit and watch that one but I do like the long cable play now. Mixed reports on overnight activity in EUR/USD, but all PBs say same, buy dips!

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