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Setting up watch lists in FXWW Connect


1. Right-click on a blank part of the screen and select the ‘watch list’ option;

2. Left-click on the small down arrow immediately beside the words Watch List in the top left-hand corner, and choose the ‘manage templates’ option;

3. From ‘Select or create a template’ choose ‘New’ on the right-hand side of section 1 and give this template a name;

4. Move down through the list in Section 2, selecting those parameters which you would like to have as part of your watch list, and click ‘add selected field’ for each currency pair or instrument;

5. Click ‘close’ and this will save the template, which can then be accessed by clicking on the template drop-down box;

6. Open your saved template and start adding instruments by putting the relevant RIC beside the magnifying glass in the search bar;

7. You can directly link your watch list to charts for instance, by clicking on the small ‘broadcast wave’ icon on the top right-hand corner and selecting ‘broadcast to all channels.