Risk stays definitely on

My two afternoon trades are looking very dodgy so it will be a case of trying to get away with only a slightly bloody nose.

  1. I’ve been having a good run recently but these trades are looking bit dodgy. AUD/JPY might be ok but I suspect that there are a lot of stops above 50 in EUR/USD for mkt to chase after. If it dips back towards entry I will consider exiting and having another look

  2. Pretty amateurish trading really on my part, I had the chance to get out at 20 for a tiny loss and I knew the stops above 50 wud be targeted but I ignored the opportunity, to my peril.

  3. Obviously, we have stops from 1.3055 to 1.3075, according MNI order board and strong offfers at 1.3075/80. I guess that you have already this infos.

  4. I guess that you are more accurate than me ;-).
    I use “FX Bullet” from MNI to know the fundamental levels and this is my only one source 🙁 apart from you 😉

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