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Risk-reward trade-of-the-day: Buy EUR/JPY

Definitely risky given the risk-events looming in Europe but I think the market may have gotten itself short and the comments from the BOJ overnight will be unsettling these shorts. There is clear technical support at 99.50 and if short-covering sets in, then 101.25 should be easily achievable.

Trade: Long EUR/JPY @100.10 with s/l 99.35 and t/p at 101.25.

  1. Morning Sean, it is really nice every morning to see your trade ideas. I closed my AUD/USD shorts yesterday too. I am wondering whether 1.0440 would now be the new top to sell?

  2. Well done Jason. I think its a day to sit back and wait for obvious trading opportunities to appear and not have any preconceived levels in mind. I definitely prefer the sell-rally trade in AUD/USD and EUR/USD but I’m not 100% sure on what the correct entry levels might be.

  3. Hi Sean, miss you on F/L. would like to follow your trading ideas if I can. are they on twitter or do I just look at this site?

  4. Hi Vivien, welcome. I will send some stuff on Twitter sean_lee_forex and the rest will be here or in members section (I’ll send you a password later). This site will be less about news and much more about trade ideas/strategies etc so if mkt is quiet then I won’t be updating much. All feedback is welcome as very much in start-up mode

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