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Risk and USD off: USD/JPY leading the way but USD/CHF now joining in

My cheap intraday USD/CHF trade got neutralised overnight and both it and USD/JPY continue to look very soft indeed. I’m still thinking that we will see 93.50 minimum in USD/JPY as big positions unwind across multiple markets and cause a general state of risk aversion. EUR/USD and cable are edging slowly higher but both are dependent on moves in the crosses.

Focus will be back on the AUD today and another big level to watch will be 90.00 in AUD/JPY. Looks like we might have another busy one!

  1. Yes I think so Cozmin. I’m a bit conflicted as when it was at 9700 I thought that 9200 would be a good dip-buy opportunity but USD/JPY looks really dangerous to me so I’d say its best to stay flat in usdchf. I tried buying it yesterday but my tight stop got triggered

  2. morning Sean.
    signals are contradicting at the moment.Look at the 10 year treasuries which is now at 2.23 high. Surely this will attract buyers and spike up USD but we are not seeing any of that happening. Is FX playing a catchup in which we will soon see a good flow into USD?

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