Retail market reportedly running quite short AUD

I was only popping out for a quick coffee but I seemed to bump into every FX trader in the city, so apologies for the down time. Not sure what you are hearing from other FX brokers but it seems the local Aussie market is sitting quite short of AUD/USD at present and there are plenty of stops building above 1.0520.

  1. Hi sean, Does FXWW has a twitter account ?

    I am trying to add into tweetdeck but cant find one!!!!

    I have your personal one but not all post at FXWW seem get tweeted on your personal one ?????

  2. Am sticking with the ‘usual logic’,bidding my time for the shanghai composite to be priced in be4 i initiate a long at lower levels.Oh and abt Euro,it still is in the bearish channel and am still looking forward to lows and not highs.Intraday i think it is ok to be both bullish and bearish but long term,am a BEAR.This can only be affected by a close above previous highs circa 1.3170’ish of course.Disclaimer:ICBW 🙂

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