JPY crosses

Reducing my AUD/JPY short position

This JPY trend is just too strong so I’m reducing my AUD/JPY shorts by 1/2, taking a small loss, and making me less likely to make any panicky decisions on the balance. Let’s see what Europe makes of all this!

  1. im long eur.chf since 123.55 early tpoday…in your opinion, you thing this is the move to 1.26 or just more noise? closed 1/3 so far and contemplating what to do w/the rest!!!!

  2. Good evening Sean,

    Once again, it’s all about YEN for this Asian session. Yesterday evening, I sold one unit on cable. Let’s see how the market develops. Good luck with AUD/JPY.

  3. I closed the short position and change to long……It seems that AUD/JPY has the potential to get 97 before move down……Yen is too strong to be moved now……Good weekend!

  4. Hi Peter, of course anything can happen with NFP but I think long EUR/CHF is very l;ogical trade. Lot depends on your trading style; if you’re short-term then stick with that plan and book your profits. If you’re more longer-term, then book partial profits on rallies and re-load on dips. Could potentially see 12270 but all dips are buying opps in my very biased view 🙂

  5. sorry sean but while you have directly made me big pips with your rec’ s the past, short aud/yen and long usd/chf are ones i am sitting out. too much trend strength!!! glty tho.

  6. Sorry Peter, really not sure on AUD/JPY at all as this yen weakness has me baffled. I’m pretty sure the long USD/CHF will eventually turn into a strong position but keep risk manageable until the tide turns then start adding risk

  7. Hi Sean, how often did you see such moves like Yen in your 20+ years of trading career? 🙂 It’s very obvious that it’s been manipulated as it’s not following the technical analysis rules.

  8. Hi Jordan, I remember back in about 1997 when USD/JPY went from 120 to about 146 on exactly the same old rubbish and every analyst and strategist on the planet was bullish. The only way was down from there!

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