RBA Report: If it’s not dovish, that must be AUD bullish, or?

AUD/USD has edged a bit higher after the RBA monetary policy report was published. There were no surprises at all in it, but with the market short and in short-covering mode, the lack of any dovish headlines has encouraged some modest buying of the AUD.

  1. not sure sean. I don’t know how to read the aussie nowadays. this is my longest run where I am finding difficulty reading aussie. may be just because it is oversold it does not fall now. my strategy is to keep wide stops. just that my bank balance does not allow it 🙂

  2. We are having horrible trouble with RM membership permissioning Nachiket, so please bear with us while we figure that out and then I will send you log in details.
    I stayed sober at least for our get-together 🙂 Was good, we will repeat sometime sooner 🙂

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