RBA meeting, October 2nd: Australian rates lowered by 25bps

Full details are available here on the RBA website.

  1. surprise surprise. sold aud/usd @1.0370 and covered @20. nice 50 pips. 2 minutes before the decision. but now it may rise since no more rate cut for rest of the year

  2. Good morning Sean,

    What do you think, is it worth shorting now at 1.0315? It seems we have broken an important horizontal resistance, and we are headed towards 1.01. I wonder if I should way for a pull back or short at these levels, or abstain.
    What’s your opinion?

  3. Yep, thank you, the short trade sounds right but I will wait for a retest of the upper side of the descending channel probably in the 1.035-1.0375 (I am even tempted now to enter long a 1.029 ^^). Just wanted to hear the opinion of the “aussie boss” 🙂

  4. Welcome back, how was the South of France?? I’ve got a mixed bag of positions, still small short AUD/USD and GBP/USD from 11 days ago and unsure what to do with them but bought some GBP/JPY last night and added overnight, just cos I liked the risk-reward on that one. No idea on EUR/USD, too hard. Sell AUD rallies now is way to go, maybe even buy EUR/AUD when time is right??

  5. I am glad to see you are always a busy trader while I was relaxed on the beach and drunk french wines for the dinners 😉

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