RBA comments send A$ lower again

A combination of a lower Nikkei post-lunch and comments from Heather Ridout that the AUD/USD rate should be closer to 80 cents have sent AUD/JPY tumbling below 90.00 and AUD/USD towards .8700.

  1. hey Sean, how are you? what do you think of the EM currencies? tempting to buy some of them (Rand for one). Or atleast sell them on a pullback.

    Aside from the mainstream noise, is this just another trend in your opinion or the beginning of something more?

    And GBPUSD is closing in on some 2009/2011 tops, think we will get a decent pullback to play consolidation or is it looking like maybe a small dip with new highs?

  2. Sorry Mike, absolutely no idea on the EMs. Cable will see 175 this quarter I think; pullbacks are shallow thus far so just keep buying those dips intraday is way to play imho

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