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Range trading in the main during Asia but some big moves to come

  • AUD/USD triggered weak stops below 1.0500 after poor jobs data, AUD looks weak on crosses:
  • EUR/USD stuck in 1.3270/1.3320 holding range. Big bids reported 1.3250/60 but likely to be plenty of stops below 1.3240. I still like this pair higher to 1.3450ish before another consolidation:
  • USD/JPY has looked fairly well bid all day and the buy-dip feeling is returning. I’m square on the Yen:
  • EUR/GBP is chopping around .8300 and I’ve booked some interim profits on my long position; talk of large cable buyer in next few sessions but that’s not real reason behind my GBP purchase, more a feel that the cross has come far enough for now:
  • EUR/CHF consolidating near 1.2400 and I still fancy a test of large optionality at 1.2500.
  1. a bit of a stall at 1.3390 ish. I don’t see any supply there except your reported sellers. The price level there should be well absorb and filled. Anymore Buyers near by to push it ?

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