Raft of European economic data today

Don’t forget that the economic calendar is quite full today with plenty of minor and major data (German ZEW and UK CPI).

  1. Hi Sean,
    German ZEW should get us moving. So far looks like the Asian session was very active in comparison of this early european session 😉

  2. I’m too old for this rubbish Iridium 🙂 The few hours after the US election when the mkt was up n down made me feel like 25 again but that’s now been beaten out of me 🙁 Oh for a bit of volatility and ‘seat-of-pants’ trading

  3. When I look at the monthly charts and think that some day the market will break out of its range, I can easily imagine that volatility could become crazy, like +-300 pips per day. All crosses would be looking like ZAR/NZD 🙂

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