Quick overview of the Asian FX market

  • Market in waiting mode ahead of Greek debt conference:
  • Quiet start to interbank trading week suggested no major stops close to the market:
  • JPY crosses rose to session highs on the Tokyo open on what looked like investment fund demand:
  • The Yen has gradually strengthened since then with profit-taking blamed for most flows:
  • Most major USD pairs traded in 25 pip ranges just below their closing levels from last week.
  1. Been following yr website & learning a lot.Pls keep up the good work
    E/yen & gb/yen Be grateful for any indication on intraday high & low for e/yen(u did say that sell @ 107.35) & gb/yen–repeat intraday

  2. Ok, USDJPY is giving me that “” Gut feeling and I am starting to shift neutral / bearish mode for long to medium term…with 80.00 initial downside targets, will share some charts tonight and will love your opinion.

    For time being, I am working on my shrot position(from Friday) and starting to calculate further moves.

    Have taken a loss earlier last week

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