Quick overview of Asian trade

  • Fed chairman Bernanke didn’t say anything exciting and the FX market hardly moved during his Q&A:
  • EUR/CHF was again first mover, gapping from 1.2320 to 1.2370 on modest flows:
  • EUR/JPY touched 120 again but fell very hard on comments from Japan’s EconMin Amani:
  • Similar to yesterday’s comments, he was reported as saying that Yen fall was too quick although there is some debate about what he exactly said:
  • USD/JPY fell to 88.65 and EUR/JPY to 118.60:
  • CHF/JPY was obviously the big mover, down from 97.20 to 96.00:
  • AUD/USD was very quiet in 30 pip range with focus onĀ neitherĀ of these currencies:
  • Gold $1670/oz; Nikkei +0.5%; Hang Seng -0.3%.
  1. Sean,

    This morning, i am tempted to short GBP/JPY but it looks to late for risk/reward balanced ? Do you wait for a small rally and then you would jump in ? Cable seems stuck under 1.6180…

  2. I am back, i have troubled to connect on the blog. Thanks for these levels, i going to monitor closely this cross. Today, I will be cautious with the cable.

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