Quick overview of Asian session

  • Nikkei rises 1.5% on weaker Yen, Hang Seng -1%:
  • Latest RBA FX reserves data confirms passive intervention to tune of around AUD450 million for 3rd consecutive month:
  • Japanese opposition part president Abe calls for unlimited easing to beat deflation:
  • USD/JPY triggers stops above 80.50:
  • AUD/USD stalls at reported reserve manager bids near 1.0350:
  • EUR/USD driven by EUR/JPY and EUR/AUD flows:
(Back a bit later for European open).
  1. well I said it yesterday last time it was the swiss this time it will be the JAPS who will bailout USD from falling. Prob is there is no more country left to bailout USD if it becomes weak again

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