Quick overview of Asian market

  • Single large flow in EUR/JPY took it from 106.60 to 107.20 very swiftly:
  • Stops were triggered in USD/JPY above 82.25 at the same time:
  • AUD has stayed heavy on the crosses with market pricing in 77% chance of rate cut next week:
  • EUR/USD has yet to test reportedly heavy offers at 1.3020/25:

  1. Good afternoon Sean,

    AUD/USD still capped at 1.0480, nice for your trading and just before the weekend ;-). I am still waiting in buy- dip mode in EUR/USD.

  2. Hey Papillon, we had a period of volatility for a change. Lets hope it continues moving, one way or the other, at least then we can trade it a bit. Not sure what to do with EUR/JPY, we could see 108 before it runs out of steam? I still like the other crosses, EUR/AUD and EUR/GBP higher

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