Quick overview of Asian FX trade

  • Stops targeted below 113.65 in EUR/JPY in early pre-Tokyo trade:
  • Australian retail sales disappoints, -0.1% MoM against expectations of +0.3%:
  • USD/JPY rallied quite sharply in Tokyo morning trade amid quite poor liquidity:
  • Alcoa’s generally favourable earnings report gave Asian shares a boost:
  • Iron ore keeps on rising, steady now above $150:
  • Gold steady at $1662/oz.
  1. Sean:

    Thanks for the update. Glad to get information about your new blog today from an email update you sent. Will be reading starting today. Reminds me of the old days at the old site you blogged for. As for my take, the AUD may run higher to test 10540 – 50. The upper BB line on the daily and 4 hour are in target.

    Thanks, SJ

  2. Hey SJ, good to hear from you again. Still mainly trading Tokyo hours but will turn up whenever it gets busy- desperately seeking that elusive retirement trade 🙂

  3. Good evening Sean,

    I hope, you have cooler weather in Sydney ?
    Here, we have 2°C this morning. Thanks for the email 😉

  4. Much more pleasant this evening thanks, currently around 23 degs I think. I was swimming at 9pm last night at the beach and it was still packed. In fact on news they said was still nearly 40 at midnight and beach was packed.
    No huge ideas today; I bought bit more EURAUD but will get out below 12390. Best wait for clearcut trades I think

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