The Qualifying Series update

Thanks to all those who have registered and submitted queries regarding the Qualifying Series. You are in for a very exciting journey.
Here are some more details about how the Qualifying Series works.
Firstly, there are two main goals for traders in the Series; either to qualify for funding through one of our 3rd party allocation programs or to be fast tracked into the interview process for one of the many trading jobs being promoted through eFinancial Careers.
In both cases the process is the same. We track and analyse your live trading performance, we source your historical trading data (if possible), and if you fulfil the necessary criteria we advance you to the qualitative stage where we get to know you better.
Performance criteria will vary depending on the client (employer or allocator); some want automated strategies, some are looking for high-risk traders, and others want emerging managers. We use PsyQuation to analyse your data because of their ability to see past the simple profit/loss numbers and recognise the particular skill levels which the client is after.
On the qualitative side, we are looking for serious and trustworthy people who are passionate about trading and want to make this their full-time career.
The tracking process is quite simple. Once you have opened your PsyQuation account (Terms & Conditions apply) we can start monitoring and analysing your performance.
You will also receive some additional services from FXWW once this monitoring has started.
If you are US-based or you would prefer not to change your current trading set-up, then please contact Michael Berman directly at PsyQuation and he will try his utmost to find an alternative solution for you.