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Prefer to look for USD buying opportunities from current levels

USD/JPY should find some decent support in the low 97’s I feel, cable should be toppy near 1.5580 technical resistance and EUR/USD has already rallied 100 pips from last week’s lows (in a tight ranging market).

My preferred pairs to look at for bullish intraday opportunities are AUD/USD and USD/CHF. The Aussie will run into decent technical resistance near 1.0360, but my preferred trade is to buy dips in USD/CHF, starting at .9390 down through .9360 (edit). I wouldn’t look for anything more ambitious than a 100 pip rally, but 100 pips a day keeps the bank manager away 🙂

  1. It is a bit hard to assess the directional bias of USD at moment. Yield of short-term debt from US seem slipping down again.

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