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Please be patient whilst we transition over to new chatroom

This is a new product, in collaboration with ThomsonReuters, and I would ask for your patience over the next 2 weeks whilst we transition over to a chatroom on their platform. My blog will continue to function as before and I will keep most of my trade ideas, as well as funds management developments, on here. Those who like things a bit faster will enjoy the new format.

By the way, anyone who already has a Reuters Messenger log-in should send me an email to and I will permission you straight away. The others must wait patiently whilst we work through technical issues and then on-boarding.

RM is of course the communication-method-of-choice for professional traders and there will be plenty of really interesting insights from these types of traders.

  1. Sorry Philip, strategies are up and running. You need to go to Twitter and follow FXWW888 and FXWW303 and they will also be providing an MT4 signal service in coming weeks. The technical course was delayed by family issues, must wait until that’s been sorted for guy doing courses

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