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Permission please to scream and be generally annoyed

AUD/JPY in particular was screaming at us that a base was close yesterday. It always looks it’s absolute worst right at the bottom and I’m pretty sure we saw an important base happen yesterday. Presuming the big hedge fund clean-out is done, I think we can get back to normal market conditions and start selling the Yen fairly aggressively.

As our hedge fund insider @FXWW888 reported yesterday, there’s a big digital option rolling off in USD/JPY later today, with a pay-out of $10 million, so we can expect this pair to be trading pretty close to 95.00 at around 10am NY time.

Cable continues to look very strong and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see prices near 1.6000 in coming days. That will really stuff the bears up (and probably be the short-term top!).

Regardless of twice missing good dip-buying opportunities in the AUD crosses this week 🙁 I still have to admit that these are really great markets to trade in 🙂

Good luck today and TGIF.

  1. Morning to you Sean. Quite the nice rally in aud/jpy from the low of 88.91 to present of 92.40. Just recently went short because to me resistance looks pretty stiff from 92.40-80 lot of wicks on the candles.

  2. Hi Sean,

    I don’t mean you to publish this…..BUT….

    The USDX index is down at major support on the weekly chart. This could be ‘open the flood gate’ stuff IF it is breached. I’m not predicting this at all but simply watching.

    What are your thoughts here?

    I’m quietly hoping for a break though too as I’m off OS next week and a stronger dollar would sure help!

    Charts @

    Did you ever organise that drinks session?????


  3. hi Sean

    what a great call on the aud/yen you made.

    what do you think of aud/usd today.
    any chance of a pullback from here to 95.80/50

  4. Not yet Mary, but I’ve got around 10 keen so best I get off my butt and organise somethg. When you off? AUD/USD to trade 94/98 for next few weeks and then back above parity imho

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