Introducing the New Pathway for talented traders

FXWW understands that the next generation of professional FX traders will come from the ranks of individual traders.
We also realise that this can be a long and at times difficult road.

The New Pathway has been designed to make this journey easier:
Traders need reliable sources of news, data and market information. We have partnered with Thomson Reuters FX to ensure that individual traders can now get the same quality of timely information that institutional traders are used to.

Traders need access to top-class research and analysis. The FXWW chatroom is a community of professional traders. It allows these traders to share content with each other and importantly, it allows individual traders to read it!

Traders need the ability to communicate with each other. Thomson Reuters Messenger (RM) has been the FX market’s preferred communication tool for decades and individual traders can now build their own communication network.

Traders need access to Capital so that they can earn a living from their trading. FXWW manages the Axi Select funding program for talented traders. Our network spans the entire industry. Our traders are GOOD!

Traders need the best available sources of pricing and liquidity. We provide introductions to Prime Brokerage services and interbank trading platforms. We source regulatory guidance and all professional services.

FXWW provides a suite of professional products and services which lay the foundation upon which the

NEW PATHWAY is built.



FXWW sources incubation and funding opportunities for talented traders. Contact us to see if you meet our set of specific benchmarks.


Information, Research,

You need professional level market information, access to interbank research, and the ability to communicate easily with your network of peers.


News, Data, and
Professional Services

Feel the market pulse with FXWW Connect, affordable Thomson Reuters news and data. Contact Us for individual service requirements.


Funding Opportunities

We ask that all traders complete the Trader Registration Form, and/or join the TRADER TRACKER program.

Here we can assess your trading history and monitor your performance and trading style, in real time.

For those traders who stand out from the crowd, the FXWW-managed AXISELECT funding program will be available. In this program FXWW will allocate capital to promising traders, monitor their performance and risk management process, and systematically allocate additional capital as performance targets are met.

For very experienced and professional traders who meet our specific set of criteria, the AXISELECT funding program will be made available from the outset. Traders who shine in the AXISELECT program will be earmarked for introduction to leading institutional investors and fund managers.



Information, Research & Communication

To give the trader the best chance of meeting their trading goals, it is essential that they have access to professional level market information and research. The Pathway utilises FXWW’s suite of premier FX resources to keep you constantly well informed.

FXWW has partnered with Thomson Reuters to create the FXWW CHATROOM for access to the same real time market information, commentary and research used by institutional and bank traders.

Traders can also use the Reuters Messenger platform to create their own instant network of like-minded traders.

News, Data, & Professional Services

To perform at a professional level it is essential that traders have a professional trading set up and structure. This means that each trader should have an independent source of news and data, be trading on a professional platform, and have access to a complete range of professional services.

FXWW CONNECT allows individual traders access to Thomson Reuters news and data at a fraction of the cost of a full institutional service. If you want to trade at your full potential, you must be able to feel the pulse of the market!

FXWW can match clients with prime brokerage services, arrange inter-bank market access and introduce institutional allocators to properly licensed entities.

We will organize 3rd party track record audits, provide a consultation service for structuring your trading business, and point you in the right direction in order to meet regulatory requirements. For more information on our bespoke services, contact us individually.