Trade Ideas

Same old views: Long Cable, Silver, Gold & EUR/AUD

Core long all these instruments and looking for opportunities to add when conditions are right.

Cable is still my favourite play and I believe we are base-forming above 1.2750 for a move towards 1.40+ in coming weeks. As always, beware the noise as in cable it’s usually at least 200 pips!

I believe that we will see fresh highs in Gold & Silver as the US election nears and as I’m not really an expert in the day-to-day movements here, I prefer to sit on long positions and set some silly profit targets which will get taken out on spikes.

EUR/AUD is more of an opportunist play; looking for dip-buying opportunities on a daily basis as we head back towards 1.75. Book 100-150 pip profits and revisit.

It’s a plan. I didn’t say it was a good plan, but at least it is one 🙂