AUD,NZD/Technical Analysis/Trade Ideas

NZD/USD trade idea for the stout hearted

  • AUD/USD has run into solid technical resistance at 1.0360 (see members).
  • AUD/NZD seems to have run out of bearish momentum after a sharp fall and is trying to form a base above 1.2050.
  • Ergo, sell NZD/USD at .8560 with stop-loss above .8615 looking for .8410.

I will add that I do not trade the NZD as it nearly always costs me, so maybe this idea should be taken as a reverse indicator? 🙂

  1. Welcome Sean! A very interesting idea, but I think that the kiwi is sent to 0.8701, stop it turns out above 0.8729. With regards to this idea, then stop looks better for 0.8633. Good luck to you, Sean!

  2. Morning Sean! With USDCHF sitting right above 9350 support, is it time to buy now? Somehow I got a sense EURUSD has more upside, just to squeeze out the bears.

  3. I always wondered how much money it takes to take NZD say 50 pips higher. Or to cause 5-6 pip jumps that can often be observed on the 1 min chart.

  4. Morning Jasper, support holding in the Swissy but don’t be surprised if we see a swift dip to 9330ish to take out the stops. This mkt at moment is all about stop-loss hunting. I still really like it higher but its a matter of getting timing right as always.

  5. Morning JK, it can really differ depending on liquidity. Sometimes buying NZD10 million can move it 5 pips and other times you could sell 200 million and it wouldn’t move. I’d say that, on average in the NZD, if you buy 50million when the full mkt is open it will move 10 pips higher.

  6. yes it is my experience as well. I am doing horribly this year. worst year according to me. you should stick to chf. i have seen your success ratio is fantastic

  7. Yes, over the last 12 years the CHF and GBP have easily been my most successful ccys to trade; needless to say NZD and CAD have been my worst which is why I haven’t traded either for last 3 years

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