GBP crosses

NZD/USD testing important support near .8150

There are a string of daily lows near .8150 and a break below targets a major spike low at .8050.

The inverse H&S on GBP/NZD is looking stronger by the day!

  1. Gbp/nzd rocks, i have not put a position because I have not seen a pullback (((. Oh well will for the next nice setup. Sean your idea about this pair was awsome, thanx a lot for shearing the wisdom

  2. GBPNZD is looking good. It’s a pity there’s a dearth of research and order rumours out there on this pair. If I could get decent info on where to put a stop, I could probably find a comfortable stop (certainly tighter than I’m using) and increase my exposure on the lower risk, but alas I’m still trading smalls. Any thoughts (or is Kiwi still your nemesis)?

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