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NZD/USD Techs: Very important support at .8190

There is some very important technical support at .8190 in the NZD/USD (see chart).

It might be worthwhile buying a dip to .8200 with a tight stop/reverse below .8180? I personally don’t trade the NZD as it owes me enough already 🙁

  1. Hi Sean,
    Hope u r enjoying urself in windy/cold London…


    Isn’t there a head and shoulder on the NZD/$ Daily chart?
    If so… Shouldn’t DROP?
    Thank u!

  2. @Rhona – I agree, although its not a perfect described one – right shoulder not quite high enough. The market got whipped today on the RBNZ statement. That said I think its looking soft still – risk is move back above .8250 IMHO and fade rallies till then

  3. Had a buy order at .8170 that didn’t go through, and going by the USD waning in strength, looks like I may have missed nice ride up… chance to sell at .8350 if USD continues to tank.

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