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NZD: Institutional flows heavily negative today

Our analysis of the major interbank platforms shows a heavy slant towards NZD selling this morning. Asian real money names are getting the blame, just as they did yesterday for the AUD/USD sell-off.

Offers were very heavy towards .8350 and the selling picked up considerable pace on breaks below .8330 and again below .8310.

  1. hi sean.
    i bought up the asian lows on the nzd versus usd and jpy. with a slightly heavier weighting on the yen cross. covered my short nzd calls from three days back,(which definitely was not wise imo. good dose of luck involved).
    how do you see the nzd shaping up over the next few weeks?.i know you dont trade it but id hate to be up against your view.

  2. Actually Rahul, if you have the opposing views to me over last few weeks then you are 100% in the money 🙂
    I think this whole NZD rally is getting silly, but as we know the mkt can stay illogical etc….
    My view is that sometime soon we get a very sharp downmove in NZD across the board but I’m not confident enough to trade this view

  3. its good to know even the best have horrible weeks. iv accepted the fact that my opinions are gonna cost me more often than not. and the opinions of others. i trade purely what i see and avoid reading stuff off the net. yours is one of the few blogs i visit. but i still try to stick to what i think the chart is telling me :D. if enough people are silly enough to buy nzd here im happy!!

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