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NZD heading lower on crosses

AUD/NZD has broken above 1.1450 after the higher-than-expected Australian inflation data and now the NZD selling has spilt over into NZD/JPY.

Next support close by in NZD/JPY at 82.65/80.

Also worth noting that there were some very large offers on interbank platforms at 1.3800 a few moments ago.

  1. im absolutely loving the carnage here sean.i caught the nzdusd top at 8530. (attempted a couple of times though). i noticed alot of times before the nfp nzd selling more than the rest and was waiting for that.
    im long usd across the board. buying usd jpy at 97.50. and selling aud on any rallies.
    we’re done with these moves and the weak hands are piling in.

  2. infact, tody morning nzd/usd was selling while usd was getting thrashed. ominous.we clear 0.8430 and we can see a medium term top imo. now im praying for a final rally in the audusd to test 0.9750 again so i can sell some.:D

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