AUD,NZD/FXWW News/Technical Analysis

NZD continues to find plenty of buyers

  • Despite the bounce in the AUD, AUD/NZD has remained below 1.1700, showing the strength of the NZD move.
  • NZD/JPY is back above 78.00 and targeting a first Fibo at 79.00 (see chart).
  • The NZD/USD rally has stalled at recent highs near .7860 (see chart).
  1. Hello Sean, I do not understand the strength of Nzd when compared to Aud. is this because the interest rates are almost equal in both countries now? Otherwise this pair usually used to go up orvremain stable, now it just sinks. What’s the difference?

  2. I am looking towards the day when RBNZ governor wheeler who is known for talking Nzd down will come and say that he will probably consider pegging Nzd to Aud at 1.25 or 1.30. That’s my prediction for long term

  3. My prediction — day will come in near future, when Mr.Wheeler will talk of pegging Nzd to Aud and Aud/Nzd to a level of 1.25 to 1.30. That will bring the upswing back to the pair.

  4. Two factors at play here George, solid real money demand out of China for the NZD and worsening sentiment towards the AUD. I’m sure it will stabilise soon but we could easily see 1.10 first imho

  5. Hi Sean,

    I believe that a positive nfp will lead to a test of .7700 and if it holds or the pair will slightly move(doubt that though) will be a good reason to enter long. Any opinion on this?

  6. Gotta be worth a try at those levels Bogdan? Kiwi looks bid on all crosses at moment so buying nzdusd dips is worthwhile strategy until something changes

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