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The New Pathway for the Professional Trader

The professional trader trades for a living. They have extensive market experience and knowledge. They know what their edge is, have a well defined trading plan that capitalizes on this edge, and they have a multi-year track record that illustrates that this process generates positive risk adjusted returns and solid metrics. They know that the key to their continued success is to gain access to market leading sources of institutional level information and systems. They require direct market access to institutional liquidity, and they need the licences and regulatory structure in place in order to attract investment capital to leverage their trading edge.
The FXWW New Pathway is the next logical step in this journey.

The team at FXWW will assess your current situation, discuss what constitutes ‘the next level’ for you, and what your ultimate goal is. From these results we create a structured customized pathway to lead you to this goal utilizing FXWWs suite of professional trading tools, and leveraging off our extensive network of industry professionals.

A typical pathway will follow the following process :

In this example the Professional Trader’s goal is to run an Emerging Hedge Fund.

Pro to EHF
Goals for a professional trader include:

To run a Managed Account business, trading on behalf of other traders/investors.
To establish a signal service enabling subscribers to follow buy/sell signals
Become a prop trader for an established FX prop shop or create your own proprietary trading firm.
To establish an emerging hedge fund.
Placement as a trader in an existing hedge fund /buy side institution.

All products and services in the New Pathway program are available on a standalone basis.

To take the first steps along your NEW PATHWAY for the professional trader


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