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No obvious risk-reward trades; booking USD/JPY profits at 96.40

I’m still running a small USD/JPY short but as a typical superstitious trader I feel that my excellent run of recent days might be coming to an end (my profit target at 95.50 missed by 8 pips earlier today and then we got a 170 pip bounce). When you’re really in the zone (read lucky) those profit targets get triggered!

I’m booking my profit here at 96.40 in USD/JPY, it was only a small position but 360+ pips still add up to a nice trade and I’m now position-less and likely to stay that way until next week (I usually sit out the NFP lottery).

Some trades which will tempt me are:

  • Any dips towards 1.5400 in cable.
  • Any dips towards .9300 in AUD/USD.
  • Any rallies back to 129.50 in EUR/JPY.

If they don’t happen then I will stay out.

  1. As a beginner, it was said that , long USDJPY and short GBPUSD = Forex trade In the earlier of this year, perhaps now short AUDUSD and NZDUSD = Forex trade? Hehe……Thank you again for your help, Sean! Have a Great Weekend!

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