JPY crosses

No clear obvious trading opportunities arising

The Asian session hasn’t really given rise to any clear-cut trading ideas with the sessions biggest announcement, Japanese buying of ESM bonds, really only muddying the water some more. The failure of EUR/JPY to rally significantly after this announcement implies that the market is already at overly long levels, but its also very hard to contemplate shorts in this environment.

Watching and range trading seems like the best bet, across the board.

  1. Good evening Sean,

    With EUR/USD at 1.3120, it might go higher this morning, it’s hard to open position on EUR/JPY. Maybe, do you some clues 😉 ?

  2. I’m clueless I’m afraid Papillon. Maybe buying EUR/AUD after AUD poor trade data and Japan ESM buying? That’s only semi-logical trade imho but majors very choppy

  3. Thanks. Yesterday on EUR/AUD, we have found a support at 1.2400 (just above the daily 200 MA). My insight is not clear for this pair 🙁 .
    AUD/USD seems bullish, I stil prefer the wait and see mode.

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