New trader funding program will launch this week

I will send an email to members and FXWW registrants shortly but just a reminder to those who are interested in the trader funding program to keep an eye on the ‘funds management’ category here on the site.

This program is in partnership with an emerging hedge fund who operates a multi-manager strategy. They have funds to allocate immediately and of course they hope to grow their business by finding the new bright and profitable traders who are coming through the retail space. Previous performance will be considered but traders will be monitored in a live trading environment for a period of up to 12 weeks. Demo accounts are fine for beginners trying to learn their craft but are a complete waste of time when it comes to performance evaluation.

Just in case you might miss any relevant postings through the day, click on ‘funds management’ under ‘categories’ and then you will find all related posts.

  1. they are opening offices in Nairobi… trying to get a spot their trading room 🙂 .. if you can help in any way, will really appreciate

  2. Hi, Sean,

    I am interested in this program. What do you mean “traders will be monitored in a living environment for up to 12 weeks”, is it mean trading on your institutional platforms? Btw, I remember this program have a 1~3 years span.


  3. Hi Mike, I sent an email out a short while ago. I think anyone who is serious about making their way as a professional trader must expect that it will take some time to get started (unless you have a very rich Aunt 🙂 )

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