New FX trade ideas site launching

I am doing a very soft launch of a new trade ideas site, http://www.forextell.com/, and I would appreciate any feedback or comments. There are still some design changes to be implemented like a new logo etc, but I’m sure you’ll get the gist.

Feel free to register, add to your favourites, follow us on Twitter, make some comments (nice ones of course) and contact us with any suggestions.

The new FXWW site will launch in coming days (IT time!). I will continue to post my overall market impressions on the FXWW blog whilst providing some general market commentary and of course all well-sourced trade ideas on Forextell.

  1. Way to go Sean (/ banana dance) great news to hear. Congrats to you and the team. Can’t wait to check everything out. I’m sure all the best ideas can gather in this one place 🙂

  2. Hello Sean,

    What a pleasant surprise!

    I’m really enjoying the website and especially the live fx commentary. I love the fact its positioned at the center so you can’t possibly miss it. Solid design 🙂

  3. Hi Sean,

    Well I read your about the new site and immediately had to go to it. I think its fabulous, and since its a product of your design I know it must have been composed with a certain level of standard. That being said, you asked for some feedback, and I intent on giving some.

    One thing that I see is missing is an economic calendar on the main page. I personally think its important so newbees can become dependent to your page for economic events, as many don’t have access to an economic calendar other then those available on different websites. Other then that, maybe think about moving the “live markets rates” section lower on the page and move the technical analysis part more up. I only suggest that as Most of us are traders (wither big or small), and have the platforms open so don’t need the rates right there as the first thing we see, but as a reader, we come to these sites, to read about FXnews and opinions, and especially technical advice so it would be good to have it right there for the readers.

    I will probably shoot you an email with more comments/suggestions this week, as you can bet I have more thoughts on the issue, especially since I will be reading it daily from now on!

    Great work Sean! Your a true asset to the FX community!

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