FXWW News/GBP crosses

“It’s never too late to sell Sterling”

Well so the old market adage goes. The pound continues to look very weak and susceptible to further falls and until we start seeing decent 100/150 pip bounces, there seems little point in trying to pick the bottom. Plus, if EUR/GBP breaks above .8050, we could see some of the bigger macro players start to take their positions off. Looks like the best trade of the year was to stop myself out at 1.6530! Pity I wasn’t clever enough to go short.

  1. You are one of the best !!!

    So it just comes to show us that S%$#&…. Happens to all 🙁
    I still feel (almost) hopeless but just won’t give up
    I’m still sticking to short / kiwi…

  2. Looking better this morning Rhona 🙂 Must admit the sharpness of USD move has taken me by surprise but with so much uncertainty surrounding other majors, guess flow into greenback not so surprising

  3. SLee there will b obvious sharp reversal on GBP is NO independence prevails…
    That ought to b a nice ride!

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