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MSCI World -1.75% in August

Hope John from the chat-room doesn’t mind me nicking his post!

“MS..MSCI World fell a modest 1.75% in August.
This means index huggers will need to reduce their local ccy hedges, ie. sell AUD vrs MSCI, ect.With rebalancing.
US Equity markets were the worst on ground, losing 2.65%, while Canada was best with a 1.9% gain, Australia chipped in with a .65% gain.
So I would expect to see USD buying vrs CAD & AUD.
Combine with the reduction in hedging we should see decent AUDUSD selling & USDCAD buying at todays London 4pm fix.

  1. Hi, Sean
    Pardon me, but would you explain a bit more? Hedge means sell local ccy like AUD while buying MSCI. Now they are reducing hedge should mean reduce their short AUD positions?



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