Moody’s considered cutting New Zealand from AAA

These are the reports just going through the market. The NZD/USD has dropped sharply from .8265 to .8210. There is important technical support at .8160/80.

  1. I freaking knew it. I shouldn’t have exited AUDNZD before 1.1640. Now it’s rebounded nicely from 1.1460. Hate it when i’m right and exit too soon 🙁

  2. Actually the news could be considered NZD bullish? Moody’s are only ones still rating NZ at AAA so if they think its still good, maybe others will consider an upgrade?

  3. You’re probably right Sean. On the other hand , I still remember the 2007/2008 “brilliant” ratings all over the place.These guys are on the verge of being useless…

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