Modest rebound in AUD and risk sentiment during Asian trade

  • Macro funds were noted buyers of AUD/USD below .9200 earlier this morning.
  • ACBs intervened heavily again, selling USD/AXY, and they are expected to sell EUR/USD during course of day to keep reserves balanced.
  • USD/JPY rallied initially on back of EconMin comments that corporate taxes should be cut; later triggered trailing stops above 97.60.

That’s about all of note there is to report but a definite lessening in risk aversion should be favourable for Gold and AUD as we head towards the weekend. Let’s see if the Europeans have any big positions built up.

  1. Hi Sean,

    I’m long AUD/JPY, looking for the stops above 90.50 to be targeted. AUD probably not the best currency to be long, but solid s/t base at 89.20-00 and more potential for a squeeze than in the other crosses.

  2. I had tough day yesterday Milan but I think the worst is over and the AUD goes north from here (talking my position as always 🙂 ) Kuroda San talking soon and that might be trigger to get at those stops??

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