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Modest NZD selling noted in early trade

There isn’t much going on this morning with only some modest NZD selling to report from the interbank market. AUD/USD has drifted 15 pips lower from the NY close but it’s all pretty uninspiring so far.

Dealers say that important support near 1.2750 in EUR/USD could be one of the keys to the session.

I’m out for a few hours, catch you later+

  1. I hate trading NZD. Just when u think its going one way, it flips and moves the other way and these moves are aggressive both ways. You can never put a good stop loss on this one. I was short at 86 when the beginning of the fall started but before reversing it hit my stops at 86.70 and then reverts. The rise was for no reason. Crazy stuff!! Learnt not to trade this one. Worse then USD/jpy.

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