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Medium-term EUR/USD bullish trade idea

Mainly based on expected flows with some technical backdrop; buy EUR/USD at 1.3125 and add at 1.3075 looking for a resumption on up-trend to 1.3400, keeping stops below 1.3000. (R/R = 3:1).

See chart; bids expected to be very solid below 1.3100 (but as always be careful around the time of the NFP lottery).

  1. Eur-used got 1.3200 as my watching support level from daily chart. 1.3100 is wkly support. Eur need to close abv 1.3266 to maintain its strong bull run on weekly.
    If euro move over topside down trend line, then, it may run 1.4 level to top of down channel.
    If fail to stay abv 1.3200, then, short it to triangle bottom line. But, eur-jpy will get huge bullish run. Would it be a problem for short e-used?

    If aligned with e-jpy trend, e-used may in range or weak up swing.

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