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Macros were big GBP/AUD buyers over last 24 hours

Prime brokers report that big macro funds started bailing out of GBP shorts and into AUD shorts around the time of the FOMC statement. Not sure whether the two are related but one would have to think so? Obviously the amounts must have been very large as the GBP/AUD pair jumped from 1.62 to 1.66 in a little over 3 sessions.

  1. Interesting idea. Maybe they don’t think Carney can bring the GBP down or they think AUD is collapsing because of China. Not sure yet. I am certainly not going to bet against Carney. Neither would I bet against AUD given a lot of negativity has priced in. Feels like rangy no directional feel at the moment.

  2. I think its more the China angle Jason, all doom and gloom about its prospects which I think is totally over-exaggerated just like the world got way too bullish at times in past

  3. shorting this and gbpnzd dollar round current levels.asian currencies stronger both in downtrwnd for years now at recent highs in exaggerated moves..imo

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