Flows and Orders/JPY crosses/USD/JPY

Lot of rumour driven moves so be very careful

Barriers, stop-losses, and plenty of rumours; just another day in the FX market! There have been no big fundamental changes overnight so many of these moves can be treated as extreme noise.

There are some exceptions, mainly USD/JPY, where the dominant bull-trend has broken a big psychological level so this move must be respected. I’m thinking it might be a day to buy dips in the Yen crosses, GBP/JPY or EUR/JPY perhaps?

  1. Hi George. NZD/USD has been interesting, as I mentioned earlier in the week the ‘guys in the know’ say that 8350/60 is huuugggeee level; lot depends on what happens there. AUD/USD will be influenced by AUD/JPY today; overall aud/usd goes lower but we could see 102+ again if cross turns bullish? I bought some earlier to cover part of my AUD short

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