Local banks still selling AUD

AUD/USD is testing ultra short-term support near .9415/20 as the local banks continue to sell. This is still cross-related flows so expect the EUR/USD or cable to pop a bit later on. Goldman Sachs lowered their AUD/USD forecast earlier (thanks to 888 for that snippit) and that is also weighing on the Aussie bleeder.

  1. Sean

    This is off topic but I could really use your help regarding USD.CHF. I have positions that I bought around .9370 ie went long. I cannot understand this pair. It has been the most frustating since this is so tied to the movements of the euro and the yen.
    What is your opinion regarding this pair?

  2. I’m also a bit baffled at the moment PK but I do favour some range trading, maybe 92/95 for next few days. Lot depends on USD/JPY for s/t sentiment, but I think you might be around mid-range with current position so bit risky. Prefer to reduce current exposure and then frees you up to trade the range?

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