AUD,NZD/EUR/USD/Flows and Orders/USD/JPY

Likely ranges to start the week

  • EUR/USD: Major technical target at 1.2745 on downside and sell orders at 1.2950 on topside:
  • USD/JPY: A volatile 100/104 range would not surprise pre-Bernanke on Wednesday:
  • AUD/USD: Technical support/resistance now at .9600/.9870 but I do not think we will see either extreme pre-Bernanke.
  • Cable: Technical levels at 1.5125/1.5290.
  • USD/CHF: I’m staying bullish, .9625/.9900.
  1. Hi Sean,

    I’m short USD/JPY at 102.90 with a 103.300 stop and targeting stops sub-102. I think once Tokyo opens, position covering from longs will resume and there should be some reaction too in the early European session.


  2. sean do you think the carnage which happened in the aussie is too much. i know the domestic economy is weak but we are discounting a much weaker economy in this price

  3. Apologies slow response Nachiket, still having some teething problems with backend of site. Yes AUD sell-off is overdone for sure, you see same guys who were bullish at 104 now turning bearish! I still think we might see 92 cents but not in straight line, maybe bounce now to 10250 again to really test bears?? Lot depends on Bernanke on Wednesday

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