AUD,NZD/EUR crosses/FXWW News

Levels to watch today (but don’t expect them to be challenged!)

  • EUR/JPY resistance at 131.10/20
  • AUD/USD short-term technical edges at .9170/.9300
  • EUR/GBP, prior resistance becomes support at .8600.
  • Cable resistance at 1.5280/1.5300.

I think we will have range trading for rest of week. My trade-of-the-moment is still the short EUR/JPY play which offers excellent risk-reward possibilities and the events of overnight have done nothing to dull my enthusiasm.

  1. I agree with you. Looks like no one is willing to push either way in any pair. Best to stay on the sidelines and wait until something develops.

  2. Definitely Muneer, but still need to pick entry levels carefully. Don’t expect any sudden bull trend but a definite short-term buy-dip bias is way to trade when crosses turn bullish

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