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Levels to watch out for in overnight trade

  • EUR/USD: Large bids rumoured near 1.3270 with stops directly below there at 1.3265 from interbank prop types.
  • USD/JPY: Last time USD/JPY was near 98.50, China was selling.
  • AUD/JPY: Significant break above 89.00 suggests a buy-dip strategy from here.
  • AUD/USD: Any levels now near .9050 must be considered a good short-covering opportunity and only a break below .8950 will put the bears back in charge imho.
  • GBP/USD: Heading higher pretty soon I think; patience needed and looking to buy exhaustive dips to 1.5280.
  • USD/CHF: If you must be long dollars, this looks like your best option!
  1. Hi Jack. I think it’s much less relevant than people think but of course the mkt needs something to focus on. I’m more interested in overall speculative positioning and with mkt long USD, I think its more likely to square up these positions unless Ben is much more aggressive on Taper than expected

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