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Levels to watch during Asian trade

  • USD/JPY: Trying to form a double-top at 103.35 and some heavy profit-taking was reported yesterday in many Yen crosses;
  • USD/CHF: Trying to close below previous lows at .8880;
  • AUD/USD: Short-term technical resistance at .9170 and the 21-dma is always relevant, coming in near .9190 today;
  • EUR/USD: Targeting recent trend highs at 1.3830 still.
  1. Hi Sean, i came across your website recently and honestly speaking i have become a fan of your website commentary.

    Would like to know your opinion about USDCAD, looks like it is reversing, don’t know if it is short term or long term. I think it is most likely short term.

    Would you like to let us know your comment on this.

  2. Hi Abhi, welcome indeed. I will be the first to admit that USD/CAD has not been traditionally one of my strong points but I will post an analysis shortly (even if only as a good reverse indicator 🙂 )

  3. You are right Sean. Fundamentally, tapering is on the table so long term USDCAD will go up. Also, technically, the trend is up so yeah no point shorting. Good idea would be to wait for dips and buy.
    I have burnt my pocket so many times taking contrarian trades but I still I have not learnt. Thanks for the analysis.

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